Bee Removal in Fairfax VA

For Bee Removal in Fairfax VA, the approach is entirely different from the extermination process. Bees are beneficial insects among others. Hence, as part of our pest control strategy, we secure and transfer the insects to a more conducive environment for their growth. Bee hive removal is done to reduce the growth of honey bees.

So, do you have a beehive in your home or workplace? Don’t take matters into your hands to avoid getting stung by them. Call All American Pest Control, and we would address the situation immediately and efficiently. Our expert team can handle the task with care. We walk our talk and work to provide you the protection you deserve.

Have a bee problem? Bee Removal in Fairfax VA can help. If you have a swarm or hive in your yard, don’t try to remove them yourself. Swarms are dangerous and require proper equipment in order to safely approach a hive. Bee Removal in Fairfax VA, specialize in quick and humane bee hive removal. As 24/7 same day responders, All American Pest Control will get them out of your yard and to a safe home. Performing live swarm removals and hive relocation is a favorite service that we provide. Though not always possible, we always prefer to remove the bees alive under the right conditions.

If you have a non-aggressive swarm and they are easily accessible, a live removal might be the best way to handle the problem. Assuming the bees are not aggressive Bee Removal in Fairfax VA, can relocate the swarm by smoking them and putting them in a box. Not only do the bees get to live happily in a new home, there are no pesticides involved and it’s environmentally friendly. The goal is to get them to a beekeeper that will re-queen the colony and help preserve the bee population.

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